Welcome to the Official Website of Black Widow Termite & Pest Control Corp. Servicing New York City!

At Black Widow, we pride ourselves on our devotion to Integrated Pest Management (IPM), and exceptional customer service!

We work with our customers to create and maintain, a clean, de-cluttered environment, free of holes and cracks in the structure, that help control pests, and reduce exposure to pesticides.  We are commited to Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  We use our knowledge about pests to prevent pest situations by identifying and eliminating conditions conducive to their survival.  We implement proactive strategies, always encouraging the highest standards of cleaning and construction.  Our goal is to reduce chemical applications by educating the client on preventative maintenance through proper cleaning procedures.

Black Widow Goes Green

Our Green Shield Certified service is an option for all of our clients in which we use pesticides as a last resort and only after carefully selecting Green Shield Certified pesticides to minimize toxicity and potential exposure to people, pests and the environment.

Behind the scenes....

Black Widow Termite & Pest Control Corp. employs technicians who are serious about controlling pest situations.  Our technicians take pride in their work and make it their goal to locate and eliminate the source of the situation with as little pesticide use as possible.  We are determined and work with our clients until the problem is solved!

We do everything in our power to reduce the extra costs of pest control by educating the client on how they can help themselves by cleaning!

Our team always gets to the source!

Specializing in bird remediation, bed bugs, termites, flies, bees, wildlife trapping, mites, rodent proofing, rodent trapping and more


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